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Testimonials - What our customers have said about us

I was very pleasantly surprised at the look and feel of my car after a very thorough detailing by Asher's Car Detail. He made my car absolutely stunning and all with a very professional approach. Treat yourself and have Asher detail your ride. You will be very happy.

-Dr. Johnson

Couldnít ask for a better job on my Ferrari F430, Iíll be calling Asher again for sure the next time I need a detail.

K. Dunn

Asher is not the cheapest car detailer in town; but he is the most convenient and without a doubt worth every penny. When he finished detailing my car it looked better (inside and out)than it did the day I drove it off the lot. Thanks Asher!

-G. Middleton

The car looks awesome! Asher is a true professional.


Asherís Car Detail did an awesome job on my Porsche. I would highly recommend Asher to anyone looking to really take care of their vehicle.

Asherís Car Detail made my truck look better than the day I bought it. Thank you for a great job!
-Bob P.

I first meet Asher with he came to detail my QX56. Not only was the work amazing, I could tell he was an honest and trustworthy guy. I had to leave before he was done, so I left my house unlocked and told him to put it in the garage and lockup when he was done. The next day I opened my garage to find an awesome site. My black QX looking better than new! Thanks for an awesome job. Canít wait to have you do my 69 Fast Back.


My Porsche looked awesome after Asher got done with it. And I didnít even have to leave my office!
-Pat Dorsey

Asherís Car Detail is by far the best detailing service we have ever worked with. We have had our cars cleaned twice a year for as long as I can remember and never in all that time have we seen our cars look this good. Thank you for doing such an awesome job Asher, you can be sure to hear from us after the winter season.

-D. Worthington. (Audi A4 Convertible)

When I let Asher clean my car it had small wash scratches everywhere. I knew that black was a hard color to keep clean and Asher promised that he would have my car shining again. Needless to say I was stunned when he was done. My car has never looked so good. I almost didnít want to drive it afterwards. No questions here, I would recommend Asher to anyone looking to really take care of their vehicle.

-C. Kutcher (Lexus SC430)

Asher is truly gifted when it comes to cleaning cars. My Acura has 100K miles on it and Asher made it look as good as new. Having him work on our vehicles was worth every penny.

-Steve Johnson (Acura MDX)

Asher, thanks for doing such an awesome job on the Z06.

-Steve of Neo Limits

Asherís work speaks for his business. I will never trust another person with my car.

-Dustin Walker

Asher truly has a talent when it comes to detailing a car. Each time he finishes with my car I am impressed to see how it looks, just like the day I drove it off of the showroom floor. Thanks Asher for continually impressing me each time you come out.

-Blair Cornell

Thanks Asher for a job well done on my Convertible Saab! After having my car washed by other so call "experts", I couldn't believe the scratches that were found in the paint on my car. My car being only 6 months old, it was devastating to see the scratches that were caused from the towels used to wash it. When Asher worked on my car to help get it back to it's shine, I was very impressed with the results. He was able to buff out every scratch. All I can say is Wow!!!!

-Julie Corwin

Asherís Car Detail is a excellent service and I will be doing business with him for a long to to come. His professionalism and knowledge in caring for vehicles is top notch. I will not have anyone else touch any of my vehicles as I have been spoiled and will only work with Asher. Again Thank you for a wonderful job and it looks better than the day I bought new! 

-Galen Mitchell 

I would like to let you know that I could not believe what a wonderful job and how satisfied I was with the detailing job on my car. Can't believe that a company also comes to a customers home this day in age. I would highly recommend this company to anyone. Thanks again for the great job!!!!

-John McConnaughey


Hi, Iím Ken Katowik, Vice President of the Ohio Viper Club. I want to tell you about my experience with Asherís Car Detail. Asher Lutz is a young man and mature beyond his years. He is a Total Professional when it comes to car detailing, from start to finish taking the extra care to do the job right. He takes great pride in the job that he does and does not settle for second best in any of the products he uses and the attention to detail that he does is second to none, either.

I thought I presented Asher with a pretty well detailed Viper, but he soon embarrassed me in how much more clean he got it than the job I had done a week before. I thought I was using some of the best car detailing products, but the products he uses made mine look second rate.

When Asher completed detailing my Viper, it looked better than the day I picked it up from the dealership brand new. Iím in love with my Viper and I took a lot of photographs of it being detailed and shared them with Asher and told him share them on his website here. I am very proud of the job he did and I know you will be too when he details your car.

Thank you Asher!

Asher, my car looks amazing. Black is the hardest color to keep clean and you did an awesome job. I would highly recommend you to anyone looking to get their car detailed.

Jorge Gurgel

UFC Veteran

Asherís Car Detail provided me with a quality service. The exterior and interior detail job was unbelievable. The convenience of the service coming to you makes everything so easy. I will continue to have Asherís Car Detail for all my car care needs. Thanks again Asher!

-Drew Burdg of Neo Limits

Prior to getting into the I.T. world, I had been in the automotive industry for over ten years and know that black is the hardest color to keep clean as well as detail. Asher made my truck stand tall again with an intense detailing job that removed years of varnish and hidden dirt that I had no idea existed until it was gone. I would highly recommend his services to anyone that takes pride in their vehicle and wants to keep it looking incredible.

-Greg Gallivan

Asher, my car didnít look this good new! You even cleaned the wheel wells! I would recommend you to anyone. Thanks so much

-Barbra Santo

Asher, the Neo Hummer looks great! Thanks for doing such a great job.

-Steve of Neo Limits

My Jeep looks awesome! Thank you so much for detailing it for me, it looks like it just rolled off the lot!

-Kendal Cooke

Asher is as professional and attentive to his work as his site describes. He did a fantastic job on my BMW, returning it to near showroom condition. His equipment and products are top of the line and he is proud of the work he does. I highly recommend that you give Asher a call, he may not be the cheapest, but you truly get what you pay for.

- Erik Canfield

Asher, Thank you for detailing my Jeep. I came home from some appearances for the UFC, and my car is cleaner than it was the day I bought it. You are very meticulous, and I look forward to doing more work with you in the future. See you at the gym.

Rich Franklin
UFC Middleweight Champ

Asher detailed my husband's jeep this week and did a phenomenal job. He pays so much attention to detail and doesn't try to cut corners with his work. He is respectful and honest. He came to our house to do the work which was very convenient. I would definitely recommend Asher to anyone looking for someone who will use the utmost care in dealing with their vehicle. Thanks for the awesome job Asher.

Beth Franklin (wife of UFC middleweight World Champ, Rich Franklin)

Asher has done my cars for years now. He treats your car as his own and I wouldn't trust anyone else to do what he does! I am a very satisfied customer.


Michelle Cowgill

Absolutely awesome job. Brought my ride back to life and looking new. Worth every single dollar!

Thor Castillo

Owning a black car in a new development has been challenging. There seems to be no shortage of gravel, sand and dirt on the newly paved roads. Every time it is washed off, construction traffic brings it
right back. As a result, my Porsche has taken a pounding. I was horrified to discover the amount of scratches covering both sides of the vehicle. I didn't know what to do. Then I met Asher.

Asher came to my house and transformed the Carrera 996. Although it took him the better part of an entire day, when finished, it looked as it did when I drove it off the show room floor. The car looks so good -both inside and out- that I haven't taken it out of the garage since! It is also important to note that Asher is completely professional. He is courteous, punctual and neat. Needless to say, after this experience, I would trust Asher with any vehicle I own. Present and future.

David Klass - President, Dominus Inc.

Just had my 03 BMW M5 and 99 M3 Convertible detailed by Asher. Both look as good as new!

Richard J. Hayes.

I would like to recommend Asherís Car Detail as the business to call when you need your car to be cleaned. Asher did an excellent job detailing our family of four vehicle. Asher is capable, dependable and a motivated business owner. He is cheerful and personable with everyone that comes to know him. Asher is always quick on his feet, with sensible reactions in all circumstances. He is capable of handling any situation with thoughtfulness and maturity. Asher is deeply interested in completing a job well done. I was amazed and shocked at the difference of our Toyota 4 runner. Our truck is used in everything from camping trips with toddlers to hunting outings. The before and after look of our 4-Runner couldnít have made me happier. In fact a friend asked if we had purchased another 4-Runner. It isnít just beautiful to look at and admire. The real test was the feel of how clean and smooth everything was from top to bottom. Do not hesitate to contact Asher the next time you need your car to look great inside and out. I highly recommend him as a valuable asset to make life a little easier and nicer to enjoy.

A Happy Customer - Stacey R. Wilson

Asherís Car Detailing Skills are simply the best in the area. We brought our 7 year old SUV to him recently. We bought it used and it had been smoked in and the clear coat had faded. Asher cleaned the truck from top to bottom and then put a paint sealant on that made the truck look simply stunning. In fact when I took the truck out that weekend, my friends thought I had bought a new SUV!

-Ed Wilson

Asherís Car Detail has cleaned our cars this last year and has done a wonderful job. Being able to have your car cleaned right at your home is really convenient. No hassle of dropping the car off for the day or worrying about what kind of job is being done. With Asher you can see the work from start to finish. I plan on using Asherís Car Detail in the future and I would highly recommend Asherís Car Detail to anyone really looking to keep their car looking great.


We are in a traveling ministry and have a 2003 Honda Pilot that has over 130,000 miles on it! I "thought" I was keeping it clean until I had Asher detail it! Man, I was ashamed! Asher did an AMAZING job and made it look BETTER than when I drove away from the dealer! He is meticulously thorough, kind, professional and just an all around neat guy! By the way, Asher LOVES burgers on the grill! The next time my vehicles need a bath, you can be sure that I will give Asher a call! He's the BEST!

-Ronn & Rebecca Jones

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